The advantage of the Loan and Credit Loan is that the client can arrange the loan completely online from setting the parameters to signing the contract.

The applicant will receive a tailor-made offer with guaranteed interest in as little as 9 minutes. To assess the application, the bank will only need an ID card from its clients.

While brewing tea, the offer comes tailor-made

All details must be true or the bank will not be able to assess the application.

Using the calculator we set the necessary parameters, loan amount and how much we want to repay monthly. On the right you will see all necessary loan parameters: number of installments, interest rate, APR and total amount that the applicant will pay for the loan.

The interest rate includes all fees, the applicant does not pay for arranging or maintaining the loan. The fee schedule can be downloaded from the Loan Documents section.

What documents are required to apply?

To submit an online application, applicants need to prepare:

  1. identity card,
  2. second identity document,
  3. current account statement or receipt.

Detailed information regarding these documents can be found on the Bank’s website as follows:

Are there any other options for Loan and Credit Bank loans?

In addition to Loan and Credit Loan Bank offers quite interesting options to consider. For example, it is a loan for loan consolidation or for a car.

The loan application process

The application process is very easy. It is possible to arrange the loan completely online. The applicant should proceed as follows:

  1. After entering the loan parameters into the calculator, click on the Apply for loan online button.
  2. The applicant shall fill in the required contact details.
  3. Fill in the personal information on the next page.
  4. After the employment and financial situation information is provided, the application is completed and sent to the bank by the applicant.
  5. Identification is also done online by sending an off-line copy of your ID and other identity documents.
  6. Once approved and signed online, we can receive your money within 24 hours.
If you need more information….

More about the loan can be found.

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