Comparing loan offers by going to different institutions requires significant energy and time.

Fortunately, borrowers can now turn to online credit, a simple, fast and convenient method of underwriting. Zoom on the mode of operation of this type of loan more and more popular and its many advantages …

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Online loan payday loan at Stan Smith Loans is a loan whose negotiation and formalities are exclusively online. 

First, the credit simulation performed via the online simulator of various banks or credit agencies.

With this, the borrower gets an accurate overview of the total amount to repay, the monthly payments, the interest rate and the duration of the credit. It should be noted here that online credit comparators facilitate this task by gathering all available offers on their platform.

Then, the borrower compares these different offers and validates on the creditor’s website the one that corresponds best to his needs. After this validation, he must fill out a form (generally containing about forty questions) on his personal and professional situation, then send some supporting documents.

These are similar to those of a so-called “traditional” loan. All you have to do is scan your identity documents (identity card, passport), your residence (bill of less than 3 months) and your financial situation (last payslips, tax bill) and send them by email.

The file is then studied by the online credit institution which transmits its response within 48 hours to one week, depending on the complexity of the request.

If the file is accepted, the borrower receives the offer of credit that must be signed electronically via a secure page, then return to validate, in turn, his subscription.

He then follows the evolution of his request from his secure client area on the website of the lender online. As for obtaining funds (between 200 and 75 000 USD for a consumer credit), it is done on the bank account of his choice.

And its many benefits!

Online credit has significant advantages over its traditional alternative. First, it saves valuable time by avoiding prospecting the various lending agencies on site and attending many time-consuming appointments. The loan application can be completed in just a few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In fact, it can be sent to multiple organizations the same day. In addition, response times are very short (usually 48 or 72h). The same goes for the disbursement of funds, which is usually done in less than two weeks.

This process also allows to take all his time to analyze and compare at home, without stress and without pressure, the totality of available offers and validate the most interesting of them.

According to the Consumer Code, the subscription of an online loan allows to benefit from a right of withdrawal of 14 days after the payment of the funds.

Another important advantage: in addition to the file fees often free, online credits benefit from promotional offers and lower rates than those proposed for a conventional credit.